How to Make a Monotonous Life Full of Color

Life is colorful, not just black and white. Just the color balloons, cook your life monotonous? A. Maybe something is wrong with you, because a monotonous life will make the heart feel empty and empty, so you need to change it to become colorful.

How to Make a Monotonous Life Full of Color

Monotonous life will also make you feel bored quickly, because all you do is that and that. For that, make changes now. What changes? Here’s how to change monotonous life into a colorful life:

  • This World Is Beautiful

You must have known that nothing is eternal in this world, including your life. One day you will definitely experience the name of death, then use your life as well as possible. Look out, this world is beautiful, friends, enjoy the beauty that God has created for us. Don’t always stay at home so that your life feels beautiful and colorful.

  • Expand Friends

The second step so that life is not monotonous is by increasing friendships. With friends, you can do things you have never done before (positive activities of course). Can share both joy and sorrow, so you don’t feel alone.

  • Enjoy the Things You Like

Every person must have likes or hobbies, then do your hobby. have fun with the hobbies that you have. But I emphasize again, do not get the wrong step, because what is called a hobby is a positive activity and do not call negative activities a hobby. For example, you like to get drunk or like to do mischief, then it’s not a hobby.

  • Don’t give up

The effort to be accompanied by prayer is indeed the most appropriate, but don’t pray without effort. That is a wrong thought, because it will only make you more bored with your own way of life. Resignation is not the right step, because something needs to be fought for. Therefore, your life will look colorful when you fight for something that is a hope.

  • Occasionally Invite Family Recreation

Your life feels monotonous, maybe because of lack of a picnic so your face becomes pale and lackluster J. Invite your father or mother to occasionally go on an excursion so that the mind becomes more fresher. By going to a tourist spot, you will find new and exciting things there. If you and your family go to the beach, you should swim so you can enjoy and really enjoy your vacation.

Monotonous life is indeed no pleasure, because by living like that your heart feels empty and empty. Hopefully with the article I wrote above, you can better enjoy real life. May be useful.

Today’s Dating Style for Teenagers That Makes It Sad

In the 90’s era (an era where writers enjoyed youth), enjoying the beauty of dating was not like today. If in the 90s, the courtship people were still shy and made school time a meeting place.

Todays Dating Style for Teenagers That Makes It Sad

It’s very different from what I see when teenagers are dating today. Maybe this is due to increasingly rapid technological advancements. With the existence of social media as it is now, teenagers are more courageous to do more than teenagers in the past. Do more that I mean, among other things, is that today’s teenagers are not ashamed to express love, throw seduction, etc. Indeed, not all teenagers are now like that, but most of them are like that.

Some of today’s teenage behaviors that make sadness include:

  • No Hit If You Don’t Have a Girlfriend

JONES (singles genes) are not teenagers, so that the predicate is not inherent, so teens will compete with each other to get a girlfriend.

  • Kiss Becomes A Must

It would be said that it is not slang or that it is not a dating child today if it hasn’t been kissed, so that among today’s teenagers the kiss becomes an evenness and necessity.

  • ML to prove love

If you love me, then you have to prove it by being invited by ML, things that should not have been done before marriage. It is increasingly rare to find young women now who still maintain their honor.

  • Not Caring About the Prohibition of Parents

Every parent must know the best for his son and daughter. School period (SMP-SMA) is a period of character formation, so it is easy to be affected. So with that, most parents will forbid their children to date for reasons not yet time. But what happened was that the teenagers did not care about the ban. See also

  • Lonely Place to be a Favorite

Quiet places will be a favorite place for teens who misinterpret the meaning of dating. By being in a quiet place they can do whatever they want without being able to be seen by others. They can make out (even lecherous) in that place.

  • Chek In Hotel

In the past, dating and meeting time was carried out at home with parental supervision. Unlike today, they chose to meet at the hotel (for wealthy teenagers), so what happens there is the satisfaction of lust that should not have been done.

I say and underline once again, not all teenagers today are as above. But the authors observe the behavior of most teenagers dating today. Hopefully you are not a teenager like that, so you can make your parents proud.

Steps to Establish the Heart for Marriage

Married, every human being must crave for that. A relationship that is woven definitely hopes to lead to a sacred connection, namely marriage. However, most people will need time to set their hearts to live it, because marriage is something sacred and cannot be made playfully.

Steps to Establish the Heart for Marriage

Indeed sustenance, death, and soul mate have been arranged by the Almighty, but you cannot immediately surrender and not try. It all returns to you how to live it, for example, sustenance will not suddenly God give without you trying to get it. Match it like that, for example, if you already have a boyfriend or lover, then the money is already there, it will not immediately God marry you if you are not ready yourself

There are several points to strengthen your heart to navigate the household ark. Some points or methods include:

  • Make Sure That He Is the Best

Before continuing your relationship, the next level is to know everything about it first. If the Javanese say, it must be clear seeds, bebet, and weights. That means or has the meaning that before you establish your heart to get married you must know the origin and personality of your partner. If you feel that he is the best, then you can move to the next point.

  • Ask Your Heart

As I stated earlier that marriage is not something to play with, for that you must be absolutely sure. Ask your heart, are you really ready to marry or not.

  • Ask for the preparedness

If you are sure of it, then the step to stabilize your heart to get married next is to ask for his preparedness. It will be useless if you are ready but he is not ready to be serious with you. But if he is also ready to marry you then you can go to the next stage.

  • Ask for your blessing

You are married, of course you have to get permission or blessings from both your parents and also their parents. If you have blessed all, then you will be more stable to get married.

  • Material Readiness

To get married, you must have the material or money to make it happen, because to get married definitely requires funds.

  • Ask for instructions on him

The next step is stabilizing your heart by asking for instructions to Him so that everything goes according to your expectations.

Now if you have passed the steps above, then it is time to build a household ark with it. Do not delay anymore, because good intentions must be implemented immediately. That’s the step to stabilize your heart to get married, hopefully it’s useful for you.