How to Prevent Trichomoniasis

Trichomonas Vaginalis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the attack of Trichomonas Vaginalis parasitic protozoa. This disease is characterized by a large number of secretions (fluid / mucus) new vagina and accompanied by itching in the genital area, as well as pain when urinating in women.

How to Prevent Trichomoniasis

Men who suffer from this disease usually do not show any symptoms. But when symptoms arise, they usually only suffer from pain when urinating and ejaculating.

Most trichomoniasis (80%) attacks women. This disease spreads quickly to someone who is often associated with not only one person. There are several ways to prevent this disease, including:

Healty Sex

Healty sex is a healthy sex behavior that is carried out only against one’s partner, and this is a very effective way to avoid the spread of trichomoniasis.

ABC concept

This concept can also be a solution for the transmission of sexual diseases. A is Abstinence (sometimes written abstention). In the context of sexuality it means choosing not to have sexual relations. In eastern culture there is a suggestion not to do sexual intercourse before marriage. Some teenagers today may only be a small number who carry out this method. Abstinence is the most effective way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

B is Be Faithful / loyal to each other (if married), and not having sex with other people.

C is Condom, or condom use so that the spread of the virus does not spread. If possible, you will have a relationship with another person and not a partner, so you should use a condom so that trichomoniasis does not attack you, which can cause your legitimate partner to get infected.

That is a way to avoid trichomoniasis, and if one of them has contracted the disease the solution is to come to the clinic or doctor to get the medicine immediately. And the drugs used are usually types of antibiotics such as penicillin. Hopefully this sex information from is useful for you.

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