Today’s Dating Style for Teenagers That Makes It Sad

In the 90’s era (an era where writers enjoyed youth), enjoying the beauty of dating was not like today. If in the 90s, the courtship people were still shy and made school time a meeting place.

Todays Dating Style for Teenagers That Makes It Sad

It’s very different from what I see when teenagers are dating today. Maybe this is due to increasingly rapid technological advancements. With the existence of social media as it is now, teenagers are more courageous to do more than teenagers in the past. Do more that I mean, among other things, is that today’s teenagers are not ashamed to express love, throw seduction, etc. Indeed, not all teenagers are now like that, but most of them are like that.

Some of today’s teenage behaviors that make sadness include:

  • No Hit If You Don’t Have a Girlfriend

JONES (singles genes) are not teenagers, so that the predicate is not inherent, so teens will compete with each other to get a girlfriend.

  • Kiss Becomes A Must

It would be said that it is not slang or that it is not a dating child today if it hasn’t been kissed, so that among today’s teenagers the kiss becomes an evenness and necessity.

  • ML to prove love

If you love me, then you have to prove it by being invited by ML, things that should not have been done before marriage. It is increasingly rare to find young women now who still maintain their honor.

  • Not Caring About the Prohibition of Parents

Every parent must know the best for his son and daughter. School period (SMP-SMA) is a period of character formation, so it is easy to be affected. So with that, most parents will forbid their children to date for reasons not yet time. But what happened was that the teenagers did not care about the ban. See also

  • Lonely Place to be a Favorite

Quiet places will be a favorite place for teens who misinterpret the meaning of dating. By being in a quiet place they can do whatever they want without being able to be seen by others. They can make out (even lecherous) in that place.

  • Chek In Hotel

In the past, dating and meeting time was carried out at home with parental supervision. Unlike today, they chose to meet at the hotel (for wealthy teenagers), so what happens there is the satisfaction of lust that should not have been done.

I say and underline once again, not all teenagers today are as above. But the authors observe the behavior of most teenagers dating today. Hopefully you are not a teenager like that, so you can make your parents proud.

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