Today’s Dating Style for Teenagers That Makes It Sad

In the 90’s era (an era where writers enjoyed youth), enjoying the beauty of dating was not like today. If in the 90s, the courtship people were still shy and made school time a meeting place.

Todays Dating Style for Teenagers That Makes It Sad

It’s very different from what I see when teenagers are dating today. Maybe this is due to increasingly rapid technological advancements. With the existence of social media as it is now, teenagers are more courageous to do more than teenagers in the past. Do more that I mean, among other things, is that today’s teenagers are not ashamed to express love, throw seduction, etc. Indeed, not all teenagers are now like that, but most of them are like that.

Some of today’s teenage behaviors that make sadness include:

  • No Hit If You Don’t Have a Girlfriend

JONES (singles genes) are not teenagers, so that the predicate is not inherent, so teens will compete with each other to get a girlfriend.

  • Kiss Becomes A Must

It would be said that it is not slang or that it is not a dating child today if it hasn’t been kissed, so that among today’s teenagers the kiss becomes an evenness and necessity.

  • ML to prove love

If you love me, then you have to prove it by being invited by ML, things that should not have been done before marriage. It is increasingly rare to find young women now who still maintain their honor.

  • Not Caring About the Prohibition of Parents

Every parent must know the best for his son and daughter. School period (SMP-SMA) is a period of character formation, so it is easy to be affected. So with that, most parents will forbid their children to date for reasons not yet time. But what happened was that the teenagers did not care about the ban. See also

  • Lonely Place to be a Favorite

Quiet places will be a favorite place for teens who misinterpret the meaning of dating. By being in a quiet place they can do whatever they want without being able to be seen by others. They can make out (even lecherous) in that place.

  • Chek In Hotel

In the past, dating and meeting time was carried out at home with parental supervision. Unlike today, they chose to meet at the hotel (for wealthy teenagers), so what happens there is the satisfaction of lust that should not have been done.

I say and underline once again, not all teenagers today are as above. But the authors observe the behavior of most teenagers dating today. Hopefully you are not a teenager like that, so you can make your parents proud.

Salad Classifications and Some Good Foods for Salad

Salad comes from Latin, which is herbaceous salata. Herba means vegetables, while salata means salted or salted. The classification of salads is several, including:

Salad Classifications and Some Good Foods for Salad
  • Simple Salad , a salad made from one or two ingredients.
  • Compound Salad , a body creation made of three or more food ingredients used.
  • American Salad, almost the same as compound salad, it’s just that the food used is only fruit.
  • Coil Salad, a salad that is served at 10-15 degrees Celsius
  • Hot Salad, a salad that is served at a temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius.

There are several types of food ingredients that are either used or combined as ingredients of the salad, including:

  • Avocad Avocad fruit is rich in essential fats that are beneficial for skin health and monounsaturated fats which reduce cholesterol levels. Also a very good source of vitamin E. Half of Avocad contains 80% of the vitamin E nutritional adequacy rate for women. Vitamin E is important for heart health and the immune system.
  • Red onion Has a high content of quercetin, a type of flavonoid antioxidant that is thought to help prevent inflammation and allergic reactions.
  • Pomegranate According to the latest research, pomegranates have a higher antioxidant capacity than other juices, red wine, and even green tea. In connection with that, pomegranates are thought to prevent heart disease and cancer. Besides being made juice, pomegranates can also be added to salads.
  • Shitake mushrooms One super mushroom. Fresh shitake mushrooms can help lower cholesterol. In addition to mixed salads, this mushroom can also be sauteed.
  • Watercress 40 grams of watercress provides 10% calcium AKG, 40% AKG vitamin C, iron, folic acid, and beta carotene. Including one member of the cruciferous vegetable family such as cabbage and broccoli.
  • Cherry Tomatoes Eating with grilled and added olive oil can increase the amount of antioxidant lycopene to prevent cancer.
  • Walnut Contains omega-3 fatty acids that are healthy for the heart. Can reduce blood cholesterol. It is also a good source of pantothenic acid, a type of B vitamin that is important for energy release and helps prevent the bad effects of stress.
  • Carrot Rich in beta-carotene, which plays an important role in fighting free radicals that cause various dangerous diseases, including heart disease.

That’s some good food for salad ingredients. Salad is a processed food that is very nutritious and beneficial to human health. May be useful for you all.

Natural Ways to Overcome Insomnia

One form of rest to restore energy is by sleeping. But what if someone has an insomnia or insomnia? No need to worry, there are a number of natural ways to make sleep activities healthier and more organized. How to deal with imsomnia include:

Natural Ways to Overcome Insomnia
  • Lightweight Sports Regularly Set the time as much as possible to do regular exercise or movements in the morning. A scientist from the University of Piisburgh School of Medicine, Dr. Chris Kline, said “regular exercise for at least a quarter of an hour can have a positive effect on sleep. The way to do light physical exercise, regular stretching is influential in correcting sleep difficulties, especially among women. Scientifically, that movement can reduce anxiety and depression and help regulate the temperature of our body. ”
  • Minimize light If the room lights are used to light then dim the light. The results of research from Dr. Michael Terman, PhD, researcher in light and biological rhythms from Colombia University Medical Center said, “there are several types of light bulbs that can affect imsomnia, namely white light from bright neon lights. In contrast to low blue light in the light spectrum can suppress the body releasing melatonin, which is a hormone that makes us easily drowsy, or choose a lamp with shades of soft or warm light with temperatures of 3000 kelvins or below. With light it is believed that it will not trigger insomnia. ” Insomnia caused by stress, the effects of drugs or illness must be cured through medical treatment. However, if imsomnia comes from a pattern of life it can be overcome, as recommended by health experts Prof. Dr. Klaus Allof from Nuremberg, Germany through several of his studies.
  • Soak or take a warm bath Soak or take a shower with a temperature of 32-37 degrees Celsius 10-20 minutes before going to bed, because the body needs a comfortable temperature and relaxation to be able to sleep well after a tired activity. If this is done regularly, you will get quality sleep.
  • Nutritious Food Avoid sleep stimulants, but replace it with consuming nutritious foods that contain vitamin B6 such as bananas, papaya, and a glass of milk. This nutrient will be able to encourage the increase of serotonin hormones.
  • Routine Sports Take a minimum of 20 minutes every morning light exercise, yoga or breathing exercises, its function so that the body is able to release the hormone endorphin (a hormone that makes it difficult to sleep).

Those are some natural ways to overcome insomnia (insomnia). May be useful for you all.

How to Prevent Trichomoniasis

Trichomonas Vaginalis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the attack of Trichomonas Vaginalis parasitic protozoa. This disease is characterized by a large number of secretions (fluid / mucus) new vagina and accompanied by itching in the genital area, as well as pain when urinating in women.

How to Prevent Trichomoniasis

Men who suffer from this disease usually do not show any symptoms. But when symptoms arise, they usually only suffer from pain when urinating and ejaculating.

Most trichomoniasis (80%) attacks women. This disease spreads quickly to someone who is often associated with not only one person. There are several ways to prevent this disease, including:

Healty Sex

Healty sex is a healthy sex behavior that is carried out only against one’s partner, and this is a very effective way to avoid the spread of trichomoniasis.

ABC concept

This concept can also be a solution for the transmission of sexual diseases. A is Abstinence (sometimes written abstention). In the context of sexuality it means choosing not to have sexual relations. In eastern culture there is a suggestion not to do sexual intercourse before marriage. Some teenagers today may only be a small number who carry out this method. Abstinence is the most effective way to avoid sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

B is Be Faithful / loyal to each other (if married), and not having sex with other people.

C is Condom, or condom use so that the spread of the virus does not spread. If possible, you will have a relationship with another person and not a partner, so you should use a condom so that trichomoniasis does not attack you, which can cause your legitimate partner to get infected.

That is a way to avoid trichomoniasis, and if one of them has contracted the disease the solution is to come to the clinic or doctor to get the medicine immediately. And the drugs used are usually types of antibiotics such as penicillin. Hopefully this sex information from is useful for you.

Recipe for Making Curry Martabak

Martabak, who doesn’t know this one food? Almost all Indonesian people know him. Martabak has a savory and delicious taste, especially if it is added with curry sauce (emmmmmm come !!!). curious to try to make it? Follow the recipe below:


  • 4 eggs
  • 10 red onion grains, finely sliced
  • 5 leeks, finely sliced
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste

(shake all the ingredients above)

  • 10 sheets of spring rolls are ready to buy
  • Adequate cooking oil (for frying)


  • 250 grams of mutton
  • 200 cc of coconut milk from kelapa coconut
  • 1 pack of curry seasoning ready to buy

(mix all ingredients, cook until coconut milk dries)

How to make:

  • Mix the beaten eggs with the contents, mix well
  • Take 1 sheet of spring roll skin, fill with 2 tablespoons of egg mixture, meat. Wrap like a martabak (like an envelope)
  • Fry until cooked.
  • Serve with sauce.

(recipe for 10 pieces)

Martabak is very suitable to be served while relaxing with family and friends. Hopefully useful for you. Good luck!!!

How to Safely Use Contact Lenses

The window of the world is the eye, because with the eyes we can see the beauty of the world. For this reason, some people are uncomfortable and not confident when they have to use eye glasses. Some people choose contact lenses as an alternative to glasses. In addition to feeling comfortable, it will also create confidence.

Indeed, wearing contact lenses will have the risk (if you do not heed the safe use rules). The risk that I mean includes infection with bacteria, fungi, or other microbes. Therefore, so that the use of contact lenses is safe, then you must follow the rules of use.

According to experts, the use of contact lenses for medical purposes will be safe insofar as the user complies with the usage rules correctly. Here are some things that should be noted by contact lens users:

  • Before deciding to use contact lenses, you should consult with an ophthalmologist first. This is important because each indication has certain conditions. For example, not all minus eyes are advised to use contact lenses. Only minus height is recommended to use it.
  • Before using or removing the lens contact you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid infection, because the hands are a source of bacteria.
  • Don’t forget to use eye lubricants three to four times a day to avoid dry eyes. What needs to be known when using eye contact lenses is that it cannot lubricate the cornea when it blinks because it is blocked by contact lenses, so the eyes become dry. Dry eyes make the cornea become characterized by the appearance of clinical symptoms such as blurred vision, sore eyes, heat, redness, and wateryness. But not until it causes the retinal nerve to break up. Usually the retinal nerve breaks due to being hit or hit by a blow.
  • Indonesia is a tropical country, therefore it is better to use contact lenses to keep on wearing glasses when going out of the house, so as not to be exposed to dust. That way contact lenses won’t get dirty fast.

That’s how to safely use contact lenses. Hopefully there are benefits that you can take from the short article.

MCHIP as a Detection of HIV / AIDS, along with How to Use it

The development of technology in the medical world is very rapidly developing. One of them is Microfluidic Chip (Mchip), a technology created by Samuel Sia, a Professor from Colombia University, New York. He developed an HIV detection device with a production cost of only US $ 1 per unit and could provide accurate results, which is close to 100%.

MCHIP as a Detection of HIV AIDS

Some other advantages of this tool include:

  • Fast and accurate Mchip has gone through a series of trials in Kigali, Rwanda. The accuracy of the tests reaches 95% for HIV, and 76% for syphilis. The technology of this Mchip only requires a few finger touches to diagnose certain patients in just minutes. When compared with a blood test at a doctor, the results may come out a day, a week, or even a month later. Of course this takes a long time and can give a burden to one’s mind. With this tool, the test results can be found in just 15 minutes.
  • Easy to carry and use The purpose of this design is to miniaturize the complex blood tests in the laboratory into something that can be held in hand with only the size of a credit card. Thus, people can do themselves take a drop of blood by making a puncture on the finger, then attach it to the device. Wait for about 15 minutes to get results.
  • Mchip Principles for Detection of HIV-1 Mchip is a technology that can be used effectively as an HIV-1 detection test. The components of Mchip consist of 10 detector zones which are used as a space to test specimen samples and see the results of HIV-1 antibiotic test, specimen tube as an area for flowing test specimens into the detector, silver liquid as a specimen binder and provide contrast color changes to the test results and gold naoparticles as additional components in detecting HIV-1 antibodies.

Mchip technology is developed based on the ELISA principle, which uses specimens in the form of oral fluid or the patient’s blood plasma. The principle of the Mchip application is in detecting HIV-1 antibodies by instructing users to place test specimens in the form of blood serum or oral cavity and inserting it into a specimen sample tube, so the test sample flows into the detector zone that has been labeled with antibodies to HIV-1. The antibody antigen bond that occurs in the detector zone causes a color change reaction that can only be seen using the Mchip techno reader.

The test results are positive, if bluish color lines appear on one or more detector zones. If there is no change in bluish color line (only found silver lines) in the detector zone, the results are negative. The availability of this tool in Indonesia may be accessible in the near future.

That’s a little explanation about Mchip as an accurate and fast detection of HIV / AIDS. May be useful for you all.

How to Make a Monotonous Life Full of Color

Life is colorful, not just black and white. Just the color balloons, cook your life monotonous? A. Maybe something is wrong with you, because a monotonous life will make the heart feel empty and empty, so you need to change it to become colorful.

How to Make a Monotonous Life Full of Color

Monotonous life will also make you feel bored quickly, because all you do is that and that. For that, make changes now. What changes? Here’s how to change monotonous life into a colorful life:

  • This World Is Beautiful

You must have known that nothing is eternal in this world, including your life. One day you will definitely experience the name of death, then use your life as well as possible. Look out, this world is beautiful, friends, enjoy the beauty that God has created for us. Don’t always stay at home so that your life feels beautiful and colorful.

  • Expand Friends

The second step so that life is not monotonous is by increasing friendships. With friends, you can do things you have never done before (positive activities of course). Can share both joy and sorrow, so you don’t feel alone.

  • Enjoy the Things You Like

Every person must have likes or hobbies, then do your hobby. have fun with the hobbies that you have. But I emphasize again, do not get the wrong step, because what is called a hobby is a positive activity and do not call negative activities a hobby. For example, you like to get drunk or like to do mischief, then it’s not a hobby.

  • Don’t give up

The effort to be accompanied by prayer is indeed the most appropriate, but don’t pray without effort. That is a wrong thought, because it will only make you more bored with your own way of life. Resignation is not the right step, because something needs to be fought for. Therefore, your life will look colorful when you fight for something that is a hope.

  • Occasionally Invite Family Recreation

Your life feels monotonous, maybe because of lack of a picnic so your face becomes pale and lackluster J. Invite your father or mother to occasionally go on an excursion so that the mind becomes more fresher. By going to a tourist spot, you will find new and exciting things there. If you and your family go to the beach, you should swim so you can enjoy and really enjoy your vacation.

Monotonous life is indeed no pleasure, because by living like that your heart feels empty and empty. Hopefully with the article I wrote above, you can better enjoy real life. May be useful.

Steps to Establish the Heart for Marriage

Married, every human being must crave for that. A relationship that is woven definitely hopes to lead to a sacred connection, namely marriage. However, most people will need time to set their hearts to live it, because marriage is something sacred and cannot be made playfully.

Steps to Establish the Heart for Marriage

Indeed sustenance, death, and soul mate have been arranged by the Almighty, but you cannot immediately surrender and not try. It all returns to you how to live it, for example, sustenance will not suddenly God give without you trying to get it. Match it like that, for example, if you already have a boyfriend or lover, then the money is already there, it will not immediately God marry you if you are not ready yourself

There are several points to strengthen your heart to navigate the household ark. Some points or methods include:

  • Make Sure That He Is the Best

Before continuing your relationship, the next level is to know everything about it first. If the Javanese say, it must be clear seeds, bebet, and weights. That means or has the meaning that before you establish your heart to get married you must know the origin and personality of your partner. If you feel that he is the best, then you can move to the next point.

  • Ask Your Heart

As I stated earlier that marriage is not something to play with, for that you must be absolutely sure. Ask your heart, are you really ready to marry or not.

  • Ask for the preparedness

If you are sure of it, then the step to stabilize your heart to get married next is to ask for his preparedness. It will be useless if you are ready but he is not ready to be serious with you. But if he is also ready to marry you then you can go to the next stage.

  • Ask for your blessing

You are married, of course you have to get permission or blessings from both your parents and also their parents. If you have blessed all, then you will be more stable to get married.

  • Material Readiness

To get married, you must have the material or money to make it happen, because to get married definitely requires funds.

  • Ask for instructions on him

The next step is stabilizing your heart by asking for instructions to Him so that everything goes according to your expectations.

Now if you have passed the steps above, then it is time to build a household ark with it. Do not delay anymore, because good intentions must be implemented immediately. That’s the step to stabilize your heart to get married, hopefully it’s useful for you.

How to Resolve Disputes and Misunderstandings

Disputes and misunderstandings often occur between humans, this is natural because everyone has different and diverse characters and traits. However, it should not be allowed to be protracted and prolonged.

How to resolve disputes and misunderstandings

Whatever problem that makes the dispute must be stopped immediately. Then how do you do it? Here’s how to deal with disputes and misunderstandings:

  • Talk about

Most people who are not technologically savvy, and have social accounts like FB and BBM, will instead create a status on the social media to disclose their anger. That’s the wrong way because it will worsen the atmosphere and not solve the problem. The best way is to talk together from heart to heart, and talk about what is at the core of the problem. But keep in mind, prioritize cold hearts so that no further disputes occur.

  • Apologize and Forgive

It is actually simple to reduce the dispute, that is if it is wrong then ask forgiveness and if he pleads wrong and has apologized, forgive. That’s a very beautiful thing, of course. But in reality it is not that easy, because most people who are in disagreement will hold on to their founding and assume that they are the most righteous. Don’t be like a child who wants to win on his own, it’s good to admit mistakes.

  • Don’t Let Others Know

We recommend that the problems that occur are enough of you and he who knows, so as not to spread everywhere. Usually if you hear a friend or relative has a problem with someone else, then it will even worsen the atmosphere and they don’t accept the incident. It would be better if the problem was solved by the two of you who had the problem. Do not with emotion of course, reduce emotions and ego respectively.

  • Take a lesson

In each event there must be a lesson, then take lessons and lessons from the incident. The lesson that can be taken is that you are more careful in acting horns so as not to offend others.

Appreciate others, then you will be appreciated too. Don’t speak that can hurt other people’s feelings and hearts. That’s how to handle disputes so that you can establish good relations again. May be useful.